NooK + Playroom Ideas

On its own, the NooK Play Sofa is playroom goals. We’ve created a product that’s the ultimate playroom addition. It’s a sofa, cubby, sleepover bed, car, truck, spaceship, cinema lounge and so much more.


NooK also plays perfectly with some of the greatest playroom additions! So how can you make the most of your NooK AND your other playroom essentials?


We share our top playroom ideas to up the fun factor during play with your NooK. 

Wobble Board 

A wobble board is great for working on balance, strength and coordination.

For bigger NooK builds, you can use a wobble board as a bridge to connect base cushions or as a climbing ramp from the ground onto a stack of NooK cushions. Your NooK back triangle on a Wobble makes the perfect Rocking Horse too!

Our NooK Arch is also ideal for balance games if you’re looking for alternative playroom ideas.

Pikler Triangle

For our NooKs, we created a unique zip-together zip-apart system that gives extra stability to builds and ultimate versatility.

Pop the base cushions – or the NooK Hammock – over the top of the Pikler triangle and it’s all the stability you need for the tallest mountains! If you don’t have a Pikler, our NooK Wedge Tail can achieve the same result!

As with Wobble Boards, a Pikler is also a fun addition to a NooK obstacle course to really test and improve gross motor skills.

Ball Pit

Small ball pits are really popular in playrooms and for good reason! They offer sensory benefits as well as opportunities to practise both fine and gross motor skills.

Pop your Junior Wedge Tails as a ramp up into the ball pit - or for rolling the balls back down!

You can also use your NooK cushions to create a ball pit. Use Bases, Triangles and Bolsters to create a safe enclosed space. For older kids, you can always build the pit together and then throw the balls on top of them. Cue much laughter!

Tents and Teepees

Looking for playroom ideas that incorporate teepees and tents designed for some quiet time? Use your NooK cushions to make them extra comfortable.

Pop a base cushion inside the tent, for an extra cosy space! Or for smaller spaces consider the NooK Junior! Otherwise your NooK Rounds as little seat pads or even a Lily Pad (diameter 110cm) or Lily Pad Junior (diameter 80cm) for cloud-like comfort.

Or, you guessed it, build your own fun cubby house with your NooK!

Slip and Slide Silks

Build your Wedge Tails into a super fun slide with the added speed of some play silks! You can position the wedges on top of a NooK base tower and use the Blox as steps.

What better way to burn off some indoor energy on rainy or hot days!

At pack away time, the Wedge Tails stack on top of each other neatly and can be used as a centre table for the NooK - your NooK Blox also slot back together as a NooK extension piece for stretch out versatility! Perfectly modular!

Magnetic Tiles

Level up your magnetic tile play with the NooK and extensions! Slide one tile inside and one outside your NooK covers to create fun patterns on your NooK surface!

We love experimenting with traffic lights, spooky faces or cute animals - or practice your target throwing with a Bullseye!

Level up your Ball Runs using a NooK Arch with your NooK to build different height levels and create the most extreme ball run challenge - problem solving skills building at its best!

Toy Kitchen

Hands up if you've ever bought 3,784 ice creams from the ice cream truck!

NooK + Nest Play Sofa Frame + toy kitchen = epic food truck!

Brilliant for imaginative play, learning maths and social skills development.. the kids will have so much fun selling their creations from their very own food truck.

Discover more playroom ideas for your NooK

Looking for more playroom ideas and inspiration for your NooK Play Sofa and Extensions?

Start with our build ideas, which you’ll find on our NooK Build Poster. You’ll also find loads of NooK play and playroom ideas in our NooK Facebook club. The group has thousands of members all sharing the NooK love.

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