NooK x Eat Up

Nook x Eat Up

Every morning, we start the day by making (sometimes healthy!) lunches for our three kids to take to school. It connects us to their day and we know that they are heading off happy & well-fuelled for learning, sport and fun! We also realise how privileged we are to be able to do this consistently for them.

Since launching NooK, we’ve been incredibly lucky to support some amazing charities and great causes... but it was important to us as an Australian family business to look closely at how we could have the greatest impact on children's lives with our community support.


Whilst doing some research, we were astounded to learn that 1 in 8 children in Australia will arrive at school without any food for their lunch.

We all know how hard it is to concentrate, engage and listen when we are hungry- so we started actively looking for a charity partner who was addressing this inequality.

We found Eat Up

We are thrilled to share our ongoing partnership with Eat Up - founded by Lyndon Galea in 2013. From small origins, but with big dreams, Lyndon and his team have now provided over 1,000,000 lunches to school children all over Australia.

We’ve decided to donate one week’s worth of school lunches through Eat Up for every single NooK purchase and we couldn’t be happier to support such an important cause. We know you’ll be delighted to know that your NooK purchase contributes to the lives of our kids in such a meaningful way too!

Read more about Eat Up and their amazing work here. We'd love to see our NooK family supporting their cause and helping to spread the word.

Together we can help children in need.