Fabric Care


NooK play furniture is designed to be SUPER easy to care for and our high quality fabrics are made to look beautiful for years to come! We've popped some key TIPS and TRICKS that will help with the day-to-day as well as all the extra fun stuff that life with kids will throw at you (the best NooK artworks, accidents of every kind, grubby fingers and bloody noses!)

Because your NooK Base covers zip apart, you only need to wash any that are marked rather than the full base section - half the washing which is always a welcome bonus for #MumLife!


All NooK play furniture is made with YKK Safety Zips to ensure that little fingers don't "help" remove the cushion covers and protects the foam.

To remove your covers for washing, use a safety pin or paperclip threaded through the bottom section of the zip head. When pulled this will engage the internal safety latch (you can see this inside the zip head opening if you look closely!) and easily slide the zip along the track!


Most marks you get on your NooK will come off easily with a quick spot clean!

We suggest using a damp teatowel to give your NooK a quick touch up! Because we only use Commercial grade fabrics, you can feel confident most small marks will rub off with water and save you time!

Things like vegemite, dirt, yoghurt, pencil marks or juice will wipe off quickly and easily this way so you can save yourself more washing.


For most small spills and accidents, your thick NooK fabrics will protect the NooK foam from taking on moisture! For bigger spills that penetrate to the foam, blot as much liquid as possible (stepping on a tissue on the foam will help draw out the last bits of moisture) then leave your foam in a well ventilated spot to air dry before putting your covers back on!


NooK Fabrics are all commercial grade and designed for easy-care machine washing!

If your little loves take to the NooK for a bit of designing, you can remove the covers and most marks will come off in a standard machine wash cycle (check your care label inside your base cushions)!

Tougher marks may need pre-treating with a solvent like rubbing alcohol or hair spray before putting through the wash cycle. Some biros may be oil based so also check for this one below!


Grubby fingers? Oil based crayons? Oil stains can be tricky!

An industry tip (shhhh) is to give these a good spray with Glen 20 before putting through the warmest wash your fabric allows (please check the care label inside your NooK Base Cushions).

Pre-washing the mark with dishwashing detergent is another great way to break down oil based marks.


What's a normal day playing at home without a few unexpected events! Blood on your beige NooK? No problem!

If you get to it quickly, just give it a quick rinse in COLD water (never use hot water for blood stains) and pop it through the machine wash.

If the mark isn't noticed right away, a good dab with white vinegar or a baking soda paste applied before washing will help to remove it!


Baking Soda is amazing at removing smells! Had a NooK related accident (puppy or baby related) and Baking Soda will help neutralise the smell in your foam.

Sprinkle liberally with the baking soda powder and leave in a well ventilated spot (outside in the sunshine is great) for a few hours or overnight to remove any stubborn smells. Vacuum the baking soda up and your NooK should be good as new!


Lots of our reviews also mention how NooKs are SO easy to clean.. have a read through our reviews to see for yourself!

"The fabric is durable and easy to clean which is great when you have a messy toddler who likes to wipe their hands all over it!"

"The ultra weave fabric is so soft and easy to clean, I’ve already wiped off some jam with ease."

"Loved by everyone in our house and spot cleaning well"

"The fabric is high quality and easy to clean - the ultra weave in particular does not show marks from kids easily"


Our Australian-based Customer Care team loves to answer your NooK Questions!

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Thank you for taking the time and care to read this far... We hope you are looking forward to joining the NooK Family of over 20,000 happy customers!