Why Choose Nook?

Australian Made

Three Year Warranty

Award Winning

Certified Safe

Giving Back

NDIS Registered

The NooK Difference

What makes NooK different and why should you invest in our quality play products? We know we have created the best play couch in Australia but we thought we'd make your research a bit easier and list the really important things that make your NooK a great investment!


From our Sydney Factory located on the beautiful Northern Beaches, we make our NooKs from scratch! We don't import covers and put the foam inside - we stitch every stitch, connect all of the 56 fabric panels, fill with Australian Made foam and Quality Control to the highest standards before we send them on their way to you.

What does this mean? That we create the highest quality products, ones that we can truly stand behind and that support our local community of employees and other small Australian businesses!


We truly stand behind our Quality Commitment here at NooK where we offer three year warranty on all our Play Furniture. As the Original Australian Play Sofa, we have the confidence and the experience to know that our NooKs will last through years of happy family memories.

What does this mean? You can feel confident in your investment and know that your NooK products will always be supported by our amazing Customer Service Team!


All NooK Foams are 100% Australian Made and certified by GECA to standards up to twice as strong as imported Certi-Pur foams. NooK foams are guaranteed to contain no CFCs, PFAS, Methylene Chloride or Formaldehyde. The best play couch needs the best foam!

What does this mean? We insisted on Australian Made foams to protect our children, and our future, from disposable, low-quality, imported foams. We wanted to ensure our NooKs survived years of happy play and didn't end up flat and in landfill within months!


In working exclusively with Warwick Fabrics, we have prioritised the most beautiful, long wearing fabrics for our NooK collections. All fabrics are tested to Australian Fire and Safety standards as well as Oeko-Tex Standard 100. From the largest to the smallest components, all have been rigorously chosen and tested here at NooK. In creating our NooK Quality we have chosen to work with only the best local suppliers - Oeko-Tex certified Warwick Fabrics for the highest quality fabric options; YKK Safety Zips for the most reliable fastenings and Coats threads for strength in our seams.

What does this mean? That we can truly stand behind our quality. We know our NooKs from back in 2020 look just as good today, and that is quality we can be proud of!


We were pretty chuffed when we won the prestigious GOLD Good Design Award for our NooK in 2021... this was a testament to everything that is important to us here at NooK: unique design, quality production and a focus on creating something new and exciting!

What does this mean? No matter what you purchase from us here at NooK, you will know that time and effort has gone into creating the best possible components. We will never be content with just a copy!


We know that the NooK is an investment piece - and it was our mission to make them as versatile as possible! This is why we invested the time and effort to create a connecting zip between our base cushions. The Zip-Apart versatility means NooK base cushions can be used separately as 4 square bases, or zipped together in pairs. Join your base to a Den extension for even more building fun as well!

What does this mean? NooKs are the most versatile play couch around, and also save you extra time when you need to pop a cushion cover in the machine!


Shipping would be so much easier if we just compressed our NooKs like other brands - so why don't we? Because foam is not made to be compressed and this damages its structure and longevity. We have always focused on creating the best possible products, so whether you buy your NooK from Sydney, Singapore or San Francisco, you will receive our quality uncompressed foam!

What does this mean? NooKs are NEVER compressed so will not be misshapen, damaged or go flat. Your NooK can stay boxed as long as needed and this WON'T void your warranty!


As an Australian Made Business focused on the highest quality products, it is challenging to keep our pricing as low as possible. At NooK you are paying for quality components and construction, rather than the high shipping costs of a lower quality item from China! We have made the decision to set consistent pricing at the best possible levels year-round so we do not go on sale or offer discount codes at NooK.

What does this mean? You can feel confident that the pricing reflects the quality you receive for a locally made product (and that you won't find it cheaper next week!)


Don't just take our word for it though... we're passionate about what our customers say about our NooKs and this gives us the most joy! Have a read through our 1,400+ 5 Star Reviews for comments like these:

"Seriously the best thing we’ve bought for the house in years"

"Kids are never off it! The Nook is THE product to have"

"I love watching them play together and using their imagination!"

"Love how much fun the kids have building shapes and cubbies, but also love to have a beautiful couch"


We are committed to our motto - Let's Build Something!

NooK is here to stay, with our 1200sqm purpose-designed factory in Sydney and our dedicated team, you can feel sure that NooK will always stand behind our products. You can feel confident in purchasing from NooK that you will receive a tried and tested product, created with the best components to ensure it is worth your investment!

Thank you for taking the time and care to read this far... We hope you are looking forward to joining the NooK Family of over 20,000 happy customers!