Shipping Policy

$80 for each Nook set (includes 10 pieces)

$50 for each NooK Armchair (includes 5 pieces)

$40 for each arch roller and Wedge Tail extension (per set)

$30 for each Arch (per item)

$15-$20 for each Cover Set and Cushion Set (per set).

Unfortunately though, due to the size of our amazing NooK boxes, it is necessary for us to charge a Rural or Remote Delivery Surcharge to some areas. Please confirm your postcode below.

We heavily subsidise our shipping which means, unfortunately, that we are not able to combine shipping charges.

Due to the size of our large boxes and the cost of transport to Regional Areas, it is necessary for us to charge a Rural and Remote Shipping Surcharge to a limited number of Postcodes as below. The total shipping cost is $160 per NooK; $85 per Armchair and $80 per Extra to these regional and rural postcodes:

NSW - 2643, 2644, 2646, 2647, 2658-60, 2879, 2880

VIC - 3091, 3236, 3237, 3239, 3274, 3284-87, 3289, 3292-94, 3300-5, 3309-12, 3315, 3317-19, 3390-91, 3393, 3395-96, 3400-1, 3407, 3412-3415, 3419-20, 3423-24, 3488-91, 3494, 3496, 3498, 3500-2, 3505-7, 3509, 3512, 3685, 3687, 3697-99, 3723, 3730, 3886, 3888-92

QLD - 4406-8, 4410-13, 4416-28, 4454, 4461-2, 4465, 4467-68, 4470-2, 4474-75, 4477-82, 4486-94, 4496-98, 4659-60, 4662, 4671, 4673-4, 4676-8, 4694-5, 4697, 4699, 4703, 4712, 4715, 4720, 4800, 4802, 4804-9, 4819-25, 4829, 4850, 4854, 4860-1, 4865, 4883

SA - 5223, 5381, 5401, 5410, 5411-21, 5431-4, 5440, 5451-2, 5454-5, 5460-2, 5464, 5470-3, 5480-3, 5485, 5490-1, 5493, 5495, 5510, 5520-3, 5552, 5554-6, 5558, 5575-7, 5580-3, 5601-7, 5611, 5630-3, 5640-2, 5650-5, 5660-1, 5670-1, 5680, 5690, 5720, 5722-5, 5731

WA - 6035, 6037-8, 6041-4, 6072, 6074, 6078, 6082-4, 6121-6, 6161, 6173-6, 6180-2, 6209-11,6224, 6230-3, 6415, 6418-34, 6436-8, 6440, 6442-3, 6445-8, 6530-2, 6925, 6958

TAS - 7020-27, 7030, 7050-5, 7109, 7112-3, 7116-7, 7119-20, 7139-40, 7150-1, 7155, 7162-3, 7170-80, 7182-7, 7190, 7209, 7210-6, 7252-4, 7258-65, 7267-8, 7270, 7275-7, 7290-2, 7300-7, 7310, 7315-6, 7320-2, 7325, 7330-1, 7466-70

NT - 0834, 0836-8, 0840-1, 0845-7, 0850-4, 0860-2, 0870-5, 0886

If you live in a remote location in QLD, WA, SA, TAS or NT not listed above, please contact us as we may need to assist with a custom shipping quotation.

Unfortunately, given the variability of the COVID situation, we have had to take the decision to pause Local Pickups for the time being. We hope we will be able to start these again in 2022!

NooKs are hand made in our Sydney Factory and this exacting process takes time. We are currently shipping NooKs within 4-6 weeks from order date.

You will receive an order confirmation with all your order details. Please check them carefully and advise within 24 hours if there are any issues or if you need your NooK for a specific date.

You will receive an email when your NooK ships from our Sydney factory. This will have your tracking details so you can keep an eye on it on its way!

We are always looking to improve and we hope your shipping experience with us is seamless – if it isn’t what you expected, please drop us an email at info @!

Your NooK will arrive to you in three big NooK boxes (80x25x80cm; 80x25x80cm; 80x40x50cm) ready and waiting to be played with straight away! We do not Compress or Vacuum pack our NooKs as it damages the structure of the foam.

If you have bought NooK for Christmas or a Special Occasion – no worries, it will sit happily in its boxes ffffoooorrreeevvveer waiting to be played with! Just make sure you hide them well!

About My Nook

YES! We are 100% made here in Australia. We DO NOT import partly finished components and put an Aus Made label on them! Every single stitch of our NooKs is sewn right here in our Sydney factory by our talented team!

Here at My NooK we decided really early on that we wanted our NooKs to be an Australian Made product.  This presented lots of hurdles but it was one of our Core Values.  We want to support local industry, build local jobs and keep a low carbon footprint - this is hard to do if you are shipping in containers from across the globe!

These points were really important to us, yes, it costs a bit more than it would otherwise - BUT you're not paying half the cost of the product in shipping charges - you are paying for Australian Made quality, attention to detail and a product that will last the test of time!  We hope to see NooKs in the future being rehomed through Facebook or Gumtree to new families at great prices because we have produced a quality product!

Inside your NooK you will find only open-cell polyurethane foam – no timber, board, metal or screws. These are soft, safe and super comfy! After trying a LOT of different prototypes we have used 3 different foam grades throughout the NooK to create the perfect mix of comfy, supporting, soft and stable.

Our standard NooK covers are made from a beautiful thick textured polyester weave which is hard wearing, soft as a baby’s bottom and super easy to either spot clean or pop straight in the washing machine on a COLD cycle!

Ah HA!! This is because it is quality Australian Foam and it is a great way to distinguish it from other foam products - each colour represents a unique mix of purpose, density and hardness that makes our NooKs the perfect blend of super comfort, strength for building and long lasting support.  Can you tell we love our NooKs more than just a little bit!?!

We love our NooKs and we want them to live their best lives! We have chosen a selection of beautiful, heavy commercial grade, textured polyester fabrics for our NooKs. These include our original NooK fabrics, velvets and new outdoor range too.

The fabrics we use are most often used in Schools and Hotels where they see ultra tough use and still look great for several years! Our loose fabrics are imported before being quality checked, cut and sewn into our beautiful double stitched covers right here in Sydney, Australia!

All our fabrics are easy to clean, offer premium protection for our NooK foam and will last for years and years. 

Our different ranges each have a specific Heavy Commercial rating (for those in the know) and different features, benefits and care instructions as shown in the table below:

Our NooKs come in a range of gorgeous, modern colours designed to complement and enhance your current decor and living space. We have put a lot of thought into our colour offerings to ensure that your NooK will look equally fun and stylish whether it becomes a playroom staple or one that is used by the whole family in a shared environment.

The NooK comes in three brilliant fabric choices: original, velvet and outdoor - with a gorgeous selection of colors available in each range. It's almost too difficult to choose just one!

In its standard configuration, the NooK measures 160cm across the front by 80cm deep. It stands 56cm high with a seat height of 25cm. As a sleepover solution, the NooK can be configured to measure 160cm wide x 172.5cm long.. more sleeping space than a double bed!  

We work as an online only retailer as a way to get NooKs into the hands of as many people as possible at the best possible price!  And feel confident that we stand behind our NooKs with our 30 day guarantee. We are also happy to send out fabric swatches if you are having a tough time deciding on colours - order online now!

There is no getting around the fact that foam is not the best for the environment, but in this context we have made it the best it can be – and we have made sure it lasts for many years of happy play before heading off to another home and not to landfill!

Australian foam is recognised as standing up to some of the most stringent environmental controls in the world and all our foams are GECA Certified showing that they adhere to strict environmental and ethical standards. NooK foam is also treated with an antimicrobial to ensure it has lifetime protection against dust mites, mould and bacteria . This Purify protection is guaranteed safe for people, plants, animals and the environment.

NooKs are NOT treated with any chemical fire retardants.

How Can I Order My Nook?

We accept all major Credit Cards, Afterpay and Zip Pay. We are also able to accept Direct Deposit by arrangement.

In these early stages of our NooK production, we are making NooKs as fast as we can while ensuring hand made, Australian made quality!

This means that unfortunately, we are often Sold Out. NooK Orders Reopen on the first Friday of every month, for NooKs to be shipped over the following month.

Keep an eye on our Socials or sign up to our NewsLetter to hear about Order Reopening dates!

We have issued hundreds invoices for Self-Managed and Plan Managed NDIS funds - and we are happy to see the way our NooKs are able to benefit so many children! We have also recent been accepted as an NDIS Registered Provider so can provide NooKs through the MyPlace portal! Please go to our NDIS page to submit an invoice request! NDIS Invoice Request Here

Of course! Our NooKs are used in many Child Care Centres, Schools, OHSC Settings, Occupational Therapy Clinics and others - please email us at with your business details, ABN and NooK Colour Choices and we will issue an invoice.

Caring For Your Nook

NooKs are pretty low maintenance.. the polyester covers are super easy to spot clean for small messes and fine to pop in the washing machine on a cold cycle whenever needed!   We do suggest washing all your NooK covers in together for consistency - NooKs should be line dried and love a quick groom with a lint brush or vacuum occasionally! 

My NooK uses Safety Zips on all our NooK covers! This means that to open your covers for washing, you will need a safety pin or paperclip to thread through the zip head. This is done for a number of reasons: zips can pose a hazard to small children, and can cause scrapes while kids are jumping and rolling - so we remove them to create the safest product for our NooK Lovers.

Also, we don't want little ones "helping" to remove the NooK covers - foam is made to be covered and covers should only be removed for cleaning!

If you stalk our Socials, you will see how super easy it is to clean your NooK!

Most food stains, textas, crayons or "accidents" will clean off easily in a COLD machine wash. Make sure you remember to LINE DRY your NooK!

For Biro or Oil based stains, give your NooK a spray with Glen 20 and use a toothbrush to scrub any ingrained marks. Then pop in a COLD wash and prepare to be amazed!

NooK fabric is hydrophobic which means that it is designed to have liquids run off, rather than soak through.

With our lovely thick fabric, we rarely see small spills penetrate to the foam.. if they do, remove the covers straight away and put the foam in a sunny, airy place to fully dry, blotting with a dry cloth will draw any liquid. Covers can easily be washed in the machine on COLD and put back on once the foam has dried out!

It is not necessary to use Fabric Protection on your NooK as our fabric is designed for use in Schools and Child Care settings to be easy clean!

Returns & Exchanges

Oh No!!! But don’t worry.. we do understand it might not be for everyone.. please just keep your packaging!  Because we don't compress or vacuum pack our foam, just pop them back in the plastic wrap, slide them back into the boxes and we'll have them collected!  Once we receive your NooK back, the purchase price will be refunded less the return shipping charge! This Happiness Guarantee applies to product suitability and not to colour change requests!

This only applies to your initial single NooK orders.. if you're not sure, just make sure you start with one NooK!

Please look over your NooK when it arrives and let us know of any issues within 7 days of receipt.

NooKs come fully supported by a 12 month warranty in addition to your statutory rights. As NooKs are made right here in our Sydney Factory it is easy for us to quickly resolve any issues.. don't fret.. your NooK will be as good as new in no time!

I Have More Questions

Hooray!! We love talking about NooKs more than almost anything else on the planet – please drop us an email at

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