Do NooKs ever go on sale?
Are NooKs Made in Australia?
What is NooK made from?
Why is my NooK foam different colours?
What type of fabric is my NooK cover?
How big is NooK?
Can I see or try a NooK anywhere?
Is NooK really safe for the environment (and for my family)?


How much does shipping cost?
Which Postcodes fall into the Remote Regional Area?
Can I collect my NooK from your Sydney Factory?
How long will my order take to arrive?
How will My NooK arrive?
Do you Ship Internationally?


Which Payment Types can I use?
Can You Issue NDIS Invoices?
Can I purchase a NooK for my business?
Do you offer Trade/Designer prices?


How do I care for my NooK

NooKs are very low maintenance... their Polyester and Olefin covers are super easy to spot clean for small messes and fine to pop in the washing machine (on either Cold or 40 degrees depending on fabric choice) whenever needed! Care instructions are also sewn inside each base cushion cover for reference! 

NooKs should be line dried and love a quick groom with a lint brush or vacuum occasionally!

Where are the Zip Pulls on my NooK covers?

My NooK uses Safety Zips on all our NooK covers! This means that to open your covers for washing, you will need a safety pin or paperclip to thread through the zip head. 

Quality YKK Safety Zips are best! Zips can pose a hazard to small children - so we remove Zip Tabs to create the safest product for our NooK lovers. Also, we don't want little ones "helping" to remove the NooK covers - foam is made to be covered and covers should only be removed for cleaning!

How do I clean off Pen, Texta, Liquids?

If you stalk our Socials, you will see how super easy it is to clean your NooK!

Most food stains, textas, crayons or "accidents" will clean off easily in a COLD or 40 degree machine wash (depending on your fabric type). Make sure you remember to LINE DRY your NooK!

For persistent marks, please send us an email at info@mynook.com.au and we can advise. Rubbing Alcohol or stain remover can also be used, just please test somewhere inconspicuous first!

What if my NooK gets wet?

With our lovely thick fabric, we rarely see small spills penetrate to the foam… if they do, remove the covers straight away and put the foam in a sunny, airy place to fully dry, blotting with a dry cloth will draw any liquid. Don’t put covers back on until your foam is completely dry!

Protective Covers are also available for purchase for our NooK Bases in both NooK and NooK Junior sizes here if you are concerned about spills or toilet training!

Do I need to use fabric protection on my NooK?

It is not necessary to use fabric protection on your NooK as our fabric is designed for use in schools and childcare settings to be easy to clean!


Am I able to return my order?
What if there is a problem with my NooK?


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