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the details

For the bedroom, playroom, living space or study - the NooK is a perfect multipurpose solution - as a beautiful sofa or split into two chairs. Each NooK comes in 10 individual pieces purpose designed to ignite the imagination and foster free play for kids of any ages (even the grown up ones!). The entire NooK weighs under 14kg and even the littlest ones can comfortably carry our base cushions - most importantly they can help tidy it up at the end of the day!

the Nook pieces

Our NooKs were designed for play, comfort and sleep. To create fun imaginative play, we knew we needed lots of individual pieces - 10 in total! - which would come together in endless combinations. We took inspiration from the four basic shapes of design - creating square base cushions as our main building blocks; triangular back cushions for castles, tea parties and obstacle courses; rectangular bolsters for building support, resting your head or jousting; and circular cushions for sitting, resting and toalso make a mean frisbee! When the fun has all been too much - sit, relax, recline or sleep on a supportive and soft flat surface bigger than a double bed!

zip together, zip apart!

Our NooKs are completely versatile and very unique as they have a Zip-Together-Zip-Apart connection to link the base cushions in pairs! This gives added stability for some builds, helps create jumping mats and slides and allows for a more secure sleep or play surface. When zipped apart the four individual basecushions give ultimate versatility and allow for even more building, playing and easy pack away! Our Connector Zips are protected by fabric flaps to ensure that they don't scratch little faces when connected or loose! All cover zip are safety zips that can be opened using a safety pin or paper clip. This ensures that there is nothing sharp on a NooK and protects the foam from little fingers!

our foam

Our foam is 100% Australian Made and created to last. Crucially, our foam contains NO CFCs, NO Formaldehyde and NO Methylene Chloride. It was essential that our Foam had the best environmental and safety credentials possible and all our foams are GECA certified for adhering to strict environmental and ethical standards. My NooK uses three different foam grades to ensure that we have a perfect mix of strong support, soft comfort, buildability and a bit of bounce. We knew we were creating a toy, a sofa and a bed in one.. and we spent a long time developing the perfect mix of foams to tick all these boxes. Our foams are also treated with Purify, a unique and safe microbial protection which keeps foam fresh, clean and 99.9% free of bacteria which cause odour and degrade foam integrity.

our construction

We want our NooKs to really last.. and we spent a long time on fabric selection and construction to ensure this! In choosing heavy commercial grade fabrics we can be sure our NooKs will wear beautifully. Our construction focuses on double stitched seams for strength and top stitching for extra durability and luxury looks! Our fabrics are perfectly hard wearing, but soft as butter, all while being easy to clean - they are rated to a minimum of 60,000 rubs in the Martindale Test.. this means they are made for commercial applications and when they are not on NooKs, our fabrics are most often found in schools, offices and hotels. Our products have quality safety zips that allow for easy grown up access, but keeping little fingers out. We have ensured they are as good as they can be so your NooK stays at its best.

our fabric

We love our NooKs and we want them to live their best lives! We have chosen a selection of beautiful, heavy commercial grade, textured polyester fabrics for our NooKs. These include our original NooK fabrics, velvets and new outdoor range too. The fabrics we use are most often used in Schools and Hotels where they see ultra tough use and still look great for several years. Our loose fabrics are imported before being quality checked, cut and sewn into our beautiful double stitched covers right here in Sydney, Australia! All our fabrics are easy to clean, offer premium protection for our NooK foam and will last for years and years. Our different ranges each have a specific Heavy Commercial rating (for those in the know) and different features, benefits and care instructions as shown in the table below:

our colours

Our NooKs come in a range of gorgeous, modern colours designed to complement and enhance your current decor and living space. We have put a lot of thought into our colour offerings to ensure that your NooK will look equally fun and stylish whether it becomes a playroom staple or one that is used by the whole family in a shared environment. The NooK comes in four brilliant fabric choices: ultra weave, original, velvet and outdoor - with a gorgeous selection of colors available in each range. It's almost too difficult to choose just one!

NDIS Provider

Nook is a registerd NDIS provider & we’re proud of it!

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