Lily Pad Love

All the Lily Pad Love!

I discovered NooK last year when I was looking for an alternative to the never ending fort building from my budding architect son.

He would collect all the cushions and blankets from every room in our house and then stretch and pile them over chairs and tables. No matter how many times I put them all away, the fort would be built again by the end of the day.

In the quest for more order to the chaos I found a practical solution that met our requirements for fabulous forts, but also for other play based activities, extra seating and a spare bed for sleepovers. We got an Original NooK and it has been wonderfully adaptable, useful and fun, especially for movie marathons, gaming days and sleepovers.

Which brought me to the next NooK necessity in our home …

Versatile Seating

Versatility is one of the most important factors I consider when purchasing large items for my home. I love hunting down pieces that are flexible, comfortable, durable and easy to maintain and if it happens to be extremely good looking, that’s even better!

The most obvious use of the Lily Pad is as an informal seating option. When you pop it on its side, the wide panels and soft crumbed foam make it perform like a bean bag chair, ideal for creating a laid-back atmosphere in living rooms, games rooms, play rooms or any communal space. It’s the perfect spot to curl up with a good book or play games with your friends.

A stylish ottoman

The Lily Pad also works well in a more formal environment and makes a great coffee table replacement! At 40cm high it is the perfect height to throw your legs up. Add a tray and you have a spot to rest your cup of tea or add some styling to your living space.

This allows for a more formal look and with NooK's focus on quality construction you know it will look right at home in even the most beautiful living space. For households with young children, this is a safe living room solution without sharp corners or hard surfaces to bump little heads!

Crash Mat Play

Flatten it back out into it’s Lily Pad shape and it’s a giant crash mat, perfect for throwing your legs up, laying back and relaxing or my kids favourite … using it as a landing pad for their indoor gymnastics!

I love that we have a space where the kids can run and jump and have a safe and comfortable spot to land. And that it still looks like a beautiful piece of furniture in my home - playful and stylish at the same time! It definitely makes burning energy much easier, especially on rainy days when the cabin fever sets in!

Chill Out Spot

Due to their size, the Lily Pad is 110cm in diameter, they make a great resting spot for little ones. Especially furry little ones, all three of our fur babies are battling it out to secure prime position on top of the Lily Pad - and we all know they always choose the comfiest spot in the house!

If searching for a smaller solution, the Lily Pad Junior at 90cm diameter can be a great option for spare corners - especially in a bedroom space - adding a versatile seating, reading and rest opportunity. In our house, there is always a person or a pet on our Lily Pad!

Adding Texture and Softness

Lastly, and beyond its functional uses, it adds colour, texture and pattern to our space. I chose a fabric that is neutral enough to work in our living space and bedrooms, but this can also be a way to introduce pops of colour to your home! Protective covers can be purchased if you are concerned about spills or accidents so you can feel confident your investment is protected.

Or pop an Outdoor Lily Pad in your garden space to create a perfect spot in the sun or by the pool where the UV stabilised and chlorine resistant fabrics will last through years of rest and play!

Quality Fabrics and Long Lasting Foam!

Quality and ease of cleaning was so important to us in welcoming a Lily Pad Cushion. With only the best machine washable, spot cleanable fabrics from Warwick Fabrics we knew this was an investment in quality. These Oeko-Tex certified fabrics are hard wearing and commercial grade that still feel soft and and snugly.

Using only GECA certified Australian Made crumbed foam, we know the Lily Pad is safe for our home and our family. In buying Australian Made we know that NooK products are certified to Australian Standards for safety and fire rating which gives important peace of mind.

So much more than a Bean Bag!

The Lily Pad is a touch of coziness that any house can benefit from. It will adapt to your needs now and into the future. Whether your children are on the way or growing up, or you want a spot where you feel like you’re floating on a cloud and escaping the everyday grind … then the Lily Pad is for you!

About the Author

Hayley Little is an avid interior decorating enthusiast, a passionate shopper and a supporter of little businesses. She's also a Mum, wife and sometimes even a gourmet chef!

She shares her home, her style, and her favourite interior tips and tricks over on her insta, "Mum Little Loves"