The fold out sofa bed that’s as functional as it is fun

The fold out sofa bed that’s as functional as it is fun

You thought NooK was all about fun and play? Well there’s a super practical side that you likely haven’t explored yet – NooK as a fold out sofa bed.

It’s the solution you need when the cousins come for a sleepover. Or grandma decides to stay the night. Or you get unexpected guests for the weekend and all the beds are taken. Or you need to sleep in the kids room while they’re sick but you don’t fancy sharing their bed. You get the picture!

The NooK Play Sofa gives the best sofa beds a run for their money. It’s a space-saving and comfortable option that will get more use than any other fold out sofa bed possibly could.

Bigger than a Double Bed!

Extra guests made simple... Well we can't guarantee that your guests will be easy, but we can make fitting them in a breeze!

When you lay all four NooK base cushions on the floor with the side bolsters, it measures 160cm x 172.5cm long. This gives you more sleeping space than a double bed. For many of our customers, their NooK has replaced the need for an additional sofa bed. 

Our GECA-certified, Australian-made foam is what makes the NooK so comfortable as a fold out sofa bed. It’s the right level of firmness that you would expect from a sleep surface. Because we don’t compress our NooKs for shipping, the foam maintains its structural integrity, ensuring the foam retains its high quality through years of use.

What our Customers say:

“We have had sleepovers in the toy room on it and even my elderly mother has had two sleep overs on it with the kids,” said Carla. 

Samantha and her family used it as a double bed while they moved house and said it was honestly more comfortable than an air mattress.

“Very glad that I made this investment,” wrote Duong. “It has been a quality couch for book reading, play equipment for highly active 5yo kid, and a guest mattress. We thought of getting a sofa bed for guests but this proved to be much better value for money.”

Day Naps and Movie Nights

As well as a sleepover bed, NooK is also great for those day naps when your toddler (or husband!) passes out after a big morning of play. Or when they really need a nap but they’re fighting going into their bed or cot.

You can lie with them, read a book, snuggle and watch them drift off to the land of nod. We admit to having a large collection of pictures of Dads who have "rested their eyes" while playing with the kids... We also love it for movie nights that turn into camping out in the living room and school holiday playdates that roll into sleepovers.

What our Customers say:

Our customer Georgia also uses her NooK as her daughter’s floor bed. “She’s one year old and we are slowly moving away from co-sleeping through the nights and leaning more towards her to have her own bed,” she explained.

"Kids love the nook..They have started a tradition of building a fort to sleep in for Friday night movie nights." said Sally.

"We've used it in multiple rooms and have even accidentally fallen asleep on it in our lounge room (my Husband and I)" Geena confided.

Sleepovers made easy!

While we can't guarantee that your kids will actually go to sleep, the NooK will definitely make them comfy while they chat the night away!

Use your NooK as two separate "single" beds for a fun camp out in the living room, or the NooK makes a perfect extra bed for school holiday sleepovers!

Easy to move, and so much fun to build and play with the next morning is an ideal sleepover solution. If you are tight on space, a NooK Arm Chair or Nook Centre Chair in a bedroom doubles as the perfect sleepover spot!

What our Customers say:

“It’s been used for my daughter to sleepover in my bedroom and for my son to “camp” overnight in the lounge room and so much more,” agreed Renee.

Alicia used her NooK as a sleepover bed for her nephew adding that her kids “played with it for so long the next day building as much as they could. So comfortable and we all love it!” 

"We have also used it as 2 spare beds for the kids (for sleepovers), which have already been used when a grandparent came to visit for a fortnight and the kids had to share a room" said Matt.

Co-Sleeping Versatility

Whether teething, anxiety or sickness might have you awake at night, we all know how taxing the up and down can get! Setting up a NooK bed by their cot or bedside can make those long nights just a little easier for everyone.

Add an Arch to the end of your NooK Play Sofa and you have an extra long sleep surface measuring 2m!

And when the coughs and colds are keeping you up, a NooK bed on an incline can really help with keeping the airways clearer. Use your NooK Triangle underneath, or a Wedge Tail is also a perfect angle for support!

What our Customers say:

"Great also for sleeping on the nook as sometimes I have to sleep with him when he had separation anxiety from daycare starting process." explained Yuka.

"(my son) even slept on it on an incline when he had a chesty cough one night and said it was just as comfy as the bed." Emma suggested.

"Our 2yr old LOVES to jump all over it, and in the first week of owning it we used it as a bed next to his floor bed so we could be close by when he was unwell with fevers." agreed Carla.

Want some more ideas?

Our NooK Facebook Club is such an amazing place for sharing ideas! Over 10,000 customers can be found there giving advice and coming up with brilliant new NooK builds!


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