NooK Junior - Protective Base Covers (Set of 4)


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About NooK Junior - Protective Base Covers (Set of 4)

Give your NooK Junior Bases an extra safeguard with our Protective Base Covers!

Our beautiful thick machine washable fabrics are excellent at protecting the NooK from the small spills of everyday life - but if you are after more protection for your Base Cushion foam, our Water Repellant Protective Base Covers are the perfect solution!

Protecting the foam from the realities of family life - spills, smells and grime - Give your NooK Play Sofa some extra protection with our Protective Base Cushion Covers!

Made from Water Repellant 100% polyester, our Protective Base Covers will extend the life of your foam, protect it from spills and wont interrupt your NooK play!

NooK Junior Protective Base Covers include 4 individual Base Cushion Protective covers which are to be placed underneath your NooK fabric covers to give water repellant protection to your NooK Junior Base cushion foam!


It's a 5 from us!

Totally happy with the lily pad. Round that same price as a bean bag but so much more comfortable and versatile and.....can be used just like a bean bag as well as being a landing pad. I'm 64kg and I can flop onto the lily pad without bottoming out at all.
Don't get a bean bag. Get a lily pad. Just awesome.

Jane, QLD
Verified Customer since 2023

You won't be disappointed

My kids absolutely love their nook and now even more so with the arrival of their Lilly pad. The pad is wide and bulky enough that I don’t have to worry about them hurting themselves with every jump splat they make onto it.
My 5 year old also enjoys relaxing on it watching tv. Highly recommend and you won’t be disappointed.

Verified Customer since 2022

Boundless imagination

My four year old grandson and two year old granddaughter LOVE their cushions. From ninja rolls, boat travel & leaping off tall buildings to snuggling up for stories they have been an absolute hit, inspiring active imaginative play as well as a place to relax and chill out listening to stories or just daydream. I thought long and hard about this purchase because they are an investment but I am so pleased I did.

Verified Customer since 2023

We love our lily pad so much!

My child has ASD and I purchased the lily pad because I had seen similar ones used at the Autism Association. I found Nook by googling, and chose it because of price, being an Australian company, and also because we liked the vibe and the fabrics. My child loves it so much, and I have witnessed the instant calm that is induced by using the lily pad. I've experienced it myself when sitting in it!

Thank you so much we love it.

Verified Customer since 2023

Best addition to our Nook!

Our children have loved the lilypad!

It’s used daily as a spot for reading, jumping, tumbling, building, movietime! Even the adults enjoy resting on it after a long day!

Well done Nook team on another amazing addition!

Jesslyn, SA
Verified Customer since 2021