If you're in the NooK Club on Facebook you might have recently seen an exciting announcement... we've just launched a brand new NooK Extra: Blox!

Made with the same ultra-strong foam as the Wedge Tail and Arch Roller, the Blox can be used as steps, to build a pyramid or as a handy extension to the middle of your NooK. More space for more fun! You can even convert your standard NooK into an L-shaped, chaise-like configuration and we're pretty sure many of the parents out there will be kicking back with their feet up on this set up too!

This has been one of the most hotly requested shapes throughout the year and we're so proud to deliver another quality Australian-made product to you all. 

The first drop of Blox was only available to members of the NooK Club on Facebook - so please join us there for a head start on other releases and announcements in the future. Our initial Blox release was a huge success and sold out super fast as usual! These orders will ship in January 2022 and we'll open the next Blox release shortly thereafter. 

New Blox builds will be available on our builds page shortly and we can't wait to see the other options that crop up in your kids' imaginations. You could definitely say we've 'stepped it up' with this incredible new addition! 

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